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Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Now Available

Blue Milk's inaugural project Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book is now available for purchase. The Vintage Collection Archive Edition covers action figures and toys from Hasbro's most popular line of Star Wars action figures, The Vintage Collection. The book launched as a Kickstarter project in 2019 and...

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Blue Milk's Rich Alot Makes The Kessel Run (Collecting Podcast)

Blue Milk's Rich Alot joined the Kessel Run Collecting podcast to discuss the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book. Alot talks about what went into making the book, how host Eric Berry's diorama pieces were used for the book's Rise of Ren chapter photo, and the ups-and-downs of 3.75-inch collecting. You can listen...

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Blue Milk Offers Exclusive Star Wars Action Figure Posters by Kim Simmons

Blue Milk is partnering with Kim Simmons, who served as Kenner's principal Star Wars photographer between 1981 - 2000, to offer two posters inspired by Simmons' original works.  Compendium PosterBased on the reverse side of Kenner's action figure packaging--which encouraged kids to "Collect All 92" figures--the 36 x...

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Chapter Break Photos for The Vintage Collection Archive Book Revealed

Blue Milk revealed the photos anchoring the chapters for their forthcoming Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book, covering Hasbro's 3.75-inch line of action figures first produced in 2010. Inspired by the classic-Kenner packaging photography from the '70s and '80s, the chapter break photos are a collaboration between the...

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