The Toy Collectors Wish Book: Volume One


Embark on the first chapter in the quest to document the golden age of toys! With The Toy Collectors Wish Book series, toy enthusiasts now have a go-to resource to reference toy lines of the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and more—from those based on blockbuster films, to ones inspired by more obscure television shows.

This photographic guidebook combines the style of the classic holiday wish book with a modern collectors identification guide. Each chapter is thematically dressed with a beautiful signature image featuring the toy line, has individual product photos with detailed parts and accessories breakdowns, and tells the history of each line through the lens of the pop culture events of the time.

The Toy Collectors Wish Book: Volume One includes 128 pages covering Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1983-1984 LJN); The Adventures of Indiana Jones (1982 Kenner); Clash of the Titans (1980 Mattel); The A-Team (1983-1984 Galoob); RamboThe Force of Freedom (1986 Coleco); Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos (1986 Kenner); and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991 Kenner). 

The Toy Collectors Wish Book will be your go-to reference guide for research, an aspirational wish list for your personal collection or your “collection in a book,” if you love the toys but lack the space.

Chose from a hardcover or softcover binding.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The best toy book ever

Outstanding book on toy lines we never got in the UK. YouTube video placeholder

Great quality

Rob Dickson
Great Book!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book - well written & researched, it gives a nice history of each toy line along with good photos of sealed & loose toys. The information showing how older toys were leveraged in the production of the featured toy line was very interesting. Well done & I look forward to future books in the series!

Kristen Haynes
Poor binding

A few pages in the back of the book were coming out of the binding.

Robert Riedel
Review Wish Book Vol. I

Great illustration and Informations.