Blue Milk Expands Shop Offering with Formo Toys’ Legends of Dragonore Figures

Blue Milk is expanding the product offering in its shop with Formo Toys’ Legends of Dragonore™ action figures.

Legends of Dragonore™ is a new line of fantasy-style, 5.5-inch action figures designed to look like ones in the toy isles during the ‘80s. Each figure has 10 points of articulation, and it is made of PVC for enhanced detail and durability. The figures feature multiple pop-apart joints that ​​allow for simple mix-and-match customizing. As the line expands, it opens the door to a world of new possibilities, characters, and creatures!

The inaugural wave of Formo Toys' Legends of Dragonore™ action figures is entitled The Beginning and includes six (6) classic-style, 5.5-inch figures. Each figure includes one piece of the Divine Armor of Power™ and by collecting all six figures, you can assemble the special Divine Armor of Power™ figure not sold separately!

Collectors can purchase Formo Toys' The Beginning assortment of six figures on the Blue Milk Shop by visiting:

About Formo Toys:

Formo Toys  is a company where artists, creators, and designers are encouraged to share their love for toys through the development of innovative and nostalgic toy lines. Formo Toys is a direct artist to consumer company that gives creators more control over their projects and aims to become a platform where we can interact, encourage and promote artists and designers to contribute in ways like no other toy company.

About Blue Milk:

Started by passionate toy and entertainment industry professionals, Blue Milk provides fans with high-quality publications paying tribute to some of the most collected toy brands in pop culture.