The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book Featured on Adam Savage's Tested

Tested's Norman Chan took a look at the storied history of Star Wars action figures in a video showcasing three books that catalog the franchise's various toy lines, including Blue Milk's The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book. 

Chan—a collaborator on Adam Savage's Tested YouTube channel—explored the contents of Blue Milk's Star Wars slipcase set, explaining its nostalgic connection to the classic Kenner action figure line of the '70s and '80s. He also flipped through The Vintage Collection Archive Edition’s pages noting some of its standout features such as the behind-the-scenes stories from the Hasbro team that created the modern Kenner-inspired toy line, and the comprehensive product and packaging photo reference. However, Chan, a self-described toy photography fanatic, was immediately drawn to the book’s full-spread width chapter break photos (and the accompanying folio with prints) taken by some of the world’s top toy photographers.

The Vintage Collection Archive Edition and limited quantities of both the Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back slipcase versions are available at the Blue Milk shop.

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