Blue Milk Offers Exclusive Star Wars Action Figure Posters by Kim Simmons

Blue Milk is partnering with Kim Simmons, who served as Kenner's principal Star Wars photographer between 1981 - 2000, to offer two posters inspired by Simmons' original works. 

Compendium Poster
Based on the reverse side of Kenner's action figure packaging--which encouraged kids to "Collect All 92" figures--the 36 x 28-inch The Vintage Collection Compendium Poster includes the complete lineup of the first 154 numbered The Vintage Collection action figures using the same yellow-colored background photographer Kim Simmons used during his tenure at Kenner. 


Three Worlds Poster
Kim Simmons recreates his masterpiece from the 1984 Star Wars is Forever mail-away poster using Hasbro's The Vintage Collection action figures and vehicles. The 18 x 22-inch poster has a silver-metallic border and an action figure quiz to test collectors' toy knowledge, just like the original. Simmons even sourced the foliage and terrain from the '80s poster to use in this reimagination.

Now Available for Purchase

Limited quantities of both the Compendium and Three Worlds posters are available for purchase through the Blue Milk shop.

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