Second Tier of Stretch Goals Added for Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Book Kickstarter Project

After the successful funding of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book on Kickstarter, Blue Milk has added a second tier of stretch goals to reward backers for their support of the campaign.

"When we originally discussed the project, there were a few stretch goals that we dreamed of, but didn't think would be possible. Thanks to the overwhelming support, our first tier of stretch goals has been unlocked and those 'dream goals' are now part of a second tier of stretch goals" said Blue Milk Co-Founder Rich Alot.

Stretch goals are milestones Kickstarter project creators set as a supplement to their funding goal. They are a way to "stretch" beyond the official goal to offer added content or items.

The additional content that can be unlocked through the new stretch goals for the TVC Archive Edition book includes an added chapter in the book covering unproduced items and concepts; a folio of premium prints; a poster by former Kenner Star Wars photographer Kim Simmons; a coin set styled after Kenner's original line of coins offered in 1984; and a digital version of the book. For the full list of stretch goals visit the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Kickstarter campaign.

All backers of the book, regardless of their pledge level, receive all of the unlocked stretch goal rewards at no additional cost.

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