Ex-Kenner Designer to Sign at Blue Milk Booth at Toylanta Aug. 23, 2024

Ex-Kenner Designer to Sign at Blue Milk Booth at Toylanta Aug. 23, 2024

Tim Effler, former Kenner and Mattel toy designer, will appear at the Blue Milk booth Saturday, Aug. 23 from 10 a.m. to noon during the Toylanta toy and collectibles convention in Atlanta.

Effler will sign copies of Retro Toy Quest’s The Toy Collector’s Wish Book: Volume One, which includes a spotlight story detailing his time conceptualizing and designing Kenner’s The Adventures of Indiana Jones action figure line. The book is published by Blue Milk.

“I was excited to share my stories about the making of the Indiana Jones line and some of the never-before-seen concept drawings for The Toy Collectors Wish Book,” Effler said. “I look forward to meeting toy collectors and signing their Wish Books at Toylanta.”

Effler has been in the creative development business for over 40 years. As Director of Advanced Concepts at Kenner he contributed to many of its most successful brands including Star Wars, Batman, Ghostbusters and the Jurassic Park toy lines. He is currently writing a book chronicling his work on Kenner’s Star Wars toy line.

Toylanta attendees can meet Effler at the shared Blue Milk / Retro Toy Quest booth outside the entrance of the main ballroom.

“This is the first convention since the release of The Toy Collectors Wish Book: Volume One last month and I’m excited that it's in my hometown of Atlanta,” explained Retro Toy Quest’s Wayne Scheiner. “The grassroots support of the local collecting community inspired the book and I’m excited to share it with them first.”